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Dr Isaac Andy: Leveraging Experience to Achieve Success 

For any entrepreneur, the primary characteristic or quality that they must possess is the inherent desire to start a business which they truly believe in. Starting and then running a business is by no means a child’s play; it isn’t meant for the ambivalent, the inadequate, or the faint hearted. In entrepreneurship, it is important for an individual to understand that the road won’t always be a bed full of roses. It will be filled with obstacles, hurdles, and thorns, yet one needs to keep pushing themselves forward to achieve their desired goal and objectives.

Entrepreneurs need to really be their own boss, translate their vision into reality, and plan ahead to market their products or services. Given the sobering figures and stats on the number of small businesses that start and succumb into the depth of failure, it is imperative for an entrepreneur to have that inherent desire to steer towards success.

One pioneering example of such a driven and motivated entrepreneur is Dr Isaac Andy. 
The Founder, CEO, and Director of iZND Services leveraged his years of experience and skills to establish a name for his company. His resolute attitude coupled with his desire to succeed has prompted Beyond Exclamation to take notice and feature the inspiring individual amongst “The Most Successful Entrepreneurs of 2018.” Herein, we highlight the journey of Isaac Andy, his march towards becoming a successful entrepreneur, his portfolio of.....  read more