iZND Group | Gamechangers™ Progress Champion Awards 2022 - Celebrating Race and Culture Diversity Equality Champions

iZND Group | Gamechangers™ Progress Champion Awards 2022 - Celebrating Race and Culture Diversity Equality Champions

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Date: Tue, Oct 25, 2022, 9:40 PM
Subject: Gamechangers™ Progress Champion Awards 2022 - Celebrating Race and Culture Diversity Equality Champions
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Racial Diversity and Equality Champions

The Gamechangers™ Progress Champion Awards 2022

(To Coincide with and Celebrate Black History Month)



You will already be familiar with Gamechangers™, the leading corporate news magazine that has been serving the sector since 2003. Gamechangers™ provides a Global audience of over 261,000+ subscribers with the information behind the headlines. ABOUT US.  


From the team who published the Gamechangers™ Global Awards over 19 years ago, comes a new program, born out of a need to recognise change for the better and help accelerate change.  Gamechangers™ has been at the forefront of corporate recognition, receiving millions of nominations since inception.  The Gamechangers™ Progress Awards 2022 - Race and Culture Equality Chapter is a reaction to the nominations for worthy organisations and individuals received over the last 19 years.   


There are those in business who have been working tirelessly to create a more inclusive environment for all employees, not due to legislation or social pressures but instead due to common decency and because it is the only way they could conceivably live their lives.  These companies and individuals are rightly referred to as "race quality heroes".  They see the importance and necessity of positive change and encourage others to the same.  They serve as an inspiration to others for how they balance work and family life for the greater benefit of the community in which they do business.


Gamechangers™ are proud to present the Gamechangers™ Progress Champions 2022 Awards Race and Culture Equality chapter.  Honouring our race equality heroes is an incredible way to encourage other business leaders, large or small, to continue to foster an environment where all employees are valued and included.  Although there is still much work to be done, we have made significant progress in the past serval decades toward creating a more inclusive environment in the workplace.  We must continue to push for progress and work towards a more equal future for all employees.  This chapter of the Progress Champion Awards celebrates the work being done to create a better world for all of us.


As part of the celebration of difference and equality, Gamechangers™ produce the Gamechangers™ Progress Champion Awards as an annual recognition and 'thank you' platform where companies who are striving to promote racial and cultural equality and inclusion for their clientele and workforce can tell us their story and promote their achievements to date. 


A proportion of profits from this editorial compendium will be given to racial equality charities and the awards publication its self will be distributed to our extensively racially diverse readership, as well as our long established business community readers.


Whether you are a large organisation who has carefully formed inclusive, considerate policy over many years, or a smaller organisation whose decency and sensitivity in their everyday operations has touched the lives of the community you operate in and beyond, your efforts and achievement have not gone unnoticed.


You have been nominated as a firm or individual who has given special consideration to the promotion of race and culture equality.


We are pleased to confirm your category win as a
Gamechanger™ Progress Champion Awards 2022 - Race and Culture Equality Winner.


Please note that there is a strict embargo on making external announcements concerning your award until Gamechangers™ permits.


Your actions have had a lasting impact on the lives of your community and we are presenting you with this award in recognition of the fine work you are carrying out on a day to day basis.


This may not be the only award you have won in this arena having carried out extensive preparations in policy over many years in pursuit of equality and inclusion, or you may be surprised by this award presentation, having instead touched the lives of your community with your naturally inclusive operations.  Either way, this is a thank you from our extensive community member nominators.


Commercial Opportunities for promotion of your achievements are available as part of the accompanying awards publication and we hope you find these opportunities useful for the promotion of the work you are already carrying out in this field.  Our awards publication will be promoted via a specially selected media campaign.  


Editorial features and enhanced listings on our website are also available for those who wish to build on their achievements and show their commitment to racial and cultural diversity and promote such achievements to our wider business readership. Our aim is to promote all award winners back to our nominators and provide information about the companies they should be seeking products and services from when consuming from those who truly understand their needs.


Over the last 19 years, Gamechangers™ has firmly established itself as an industry standard for the corporate community. With an 8% rise in subscriber numbers in Q4 of 2021, Gamechangers™ can still boast a market leading audience of senior executives, providing them with a regular snapshot of industry activity that has taken place around the world.


Since inception, the Gamechangers™ Awards have been celebrating achievement, innovation and brilliance in their annual and biennial programs, taking the ultimate step in the search for the most outstanding organisations & professionals across the globe and celebrate the best in achievement, ability and performance.


Judged on their ability to deliver outstanding returns and to gain strategic advantage, winners will reap huge benefits in terms of market visibility and position.  This new program builds on the drive for decency, equity and inclusion and can be seen as a 'thank you' but also a platform for further inclusivity and the promotion of diversity.


We boast a legitimately independent nomination process, most importantly, our award winners, are chosen by our readers from the business community.



Gamechangers™ Progress Champion Awards' Objective: To gather quantitative and qualitative information from and about those making a real difference to the community as individuals or organisations.



Guided by the poll's results those firms and individuals that have had the greatest impact on racial and cultural diversity are duly honoured. In judging these awards, we have studied the nominations made by our voters and recognise that all of those nominated are leaders in their fields but the exceptional performances of some deserve recognition.


There are opportunities for category Winners to carry elevated brand exposure as well as order commemorative trophies and wall plaques. These opportunities, detailed below, will allow open discussion and promote award winning skills and services that have contributed to this accolade.



(GameChangers™ Magazine is a network for today's most influential organisations and individuals. We offer insight into every facet of leaders' professional lives by telling their stories - from department structure and team management to intellectual property and emerging technology. With engaging editorial, we bring local and global innovators across industries together to share their stories, learn from each other, and connect)
We look forward to your feedback regarding coverage options and / or trophy requirements if any.
Please indicate your "ADDITIONS" requirements when responding.
Full Page Advert OR 1 page of editorial content produced from self-submission (You know your skills & expertise better than anyone).
Immediate Release of Personalised Award Winner Logos.
3 months Skyscraper advertising on the Gamechangers™ website.
1 Award Trophy (technical specifications listed below) 
Hyper-link from the digital supplement to a landing link of your choice, to assist campaign tracking.

The Gamechangers™ Progress Champion Awards 2022 trophy design for this year's AWARDS program are each made from Clear / Metallic Gold Acrylic with print detailing and measuring 125 x 150 x 25 mm.
The design is typical of the Gamechangers™ minimalist aesthetic. Each trophy is simply decorated with bespoke winner details and enamelled detailing and the all-important Gamechangers™ Progress Champion Awards 2022 awards logo.
"The Clear / Metallic Gold Acrylic is distinctive when viewed individually and engaging when viewed as a collective, which speaks of the diversity of the 2022 award winners,"


Size (H x W x D) 125 x 150 x 25 mm (Description: White / Metallic Gold Acrylic with print detailing)
Before we manufacture the actual awards, you may want to order trophies for your office network or fellow team members.
If there is a requirement for any more than this, please feel free to ask.
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