Mirror Review Magazine Invites Isaac Andy to get featured as one of "The 10 Pioneering Business Leaders, 2021."

Mirror Review Magazine Invites Dr Isaac Andy to get featured as one of "The 10 Pioneering Business Leaders, 2021."

From: Jacob Eddy <jacob@mirrorreview.com>
Date: Fri, May 21, 2021 at 2:45 AM
Subject: Mirror Review Magazine Invites Isaac Andy to get featured as one of "The 10 Pioneering Business Leaders, 2021."
To: <isaacandy@izndgroup.com>

Hi Dr Isaac,


I am Jacob from Mirror Review Magazine and I would like to invite you to get featured in our latest magazine issue, "The 10 Pioneering Business Leaders, 2021."


The demands and requirements from a leader are not the same as they were a few years back. Also, there is no rule book on how a business leader should be. Though, there are few examples of successful business leaders who have made their path on this challenging journey. Our aim with this magazine issue is to highlight pioneering leaders like you who have refined the business leadership over the years. In this magazine issue, we will focus on your inspiring entrepreneurial journey describing all the awards, recognition, and hardship.


Alongside, we will emphasize the unique solutions/services/products offered by the company. Since our inception, we have featured numerous renowned leaders and companies in our magazine issues. Our persistent dedication and unique business storytelling style have helped us to reach various landmarks. Also, our team of creative writers has immense experience in business storytelling. This has assisted us to attracted numerous new readers. Featuring with us will help you in getting wider exposure and will allow you to engage with new clientele.


If you participate in this paid opportunity, we will be offering you the following benefits to boost your digital presence:

  1. A 2 full-page Article, unfolding your and your company's story, highlighting the services you provide and achievements of your company.
  2. A 2 full-pages CXO Article (an article on any industry topic by the concerned person) that can be used in any of our upcoming magazines.
  3. A full-page Advertisement of your company (upcoming product line, events etc.) which can be placed in any of our upcoming magazine (of the same year).
  4. A print-ready HD PDF of your article with reprint rights.
  5. Press Releases that you can post on various media channels. 
  6. The Logo of Listing and online company profile links that can be used on your website, media, press release, etc. 
  7. soft copy of the certificate by Mirror Review, attributing you as one of "The 10 Pioneering Business Leaders, 2021."
  8. A backlink to your company's website which remains on our archives permanently.

Process: Once you confirm your participation, we will send you a contract form for your signature. Following that, we will send you an interview questionnaire, which will be referred to write your magazine profile. Our editorial team will pen down a creative story, which will be sent to you for your approval.

If you have any queries or need any information regarding this opportunity, please let us know.

Looking forward to having a word with you soon.

Thanks and Regards,


Jacob Eddy

Business Development Manager Mirror Review

Tel: +1(740) 521-9306

Mail: jacob@mirrorreview.com

Web: www.mirrorreview.com