Mentors Without Borders - MWB

Mentors Without Borders (MWB) 

What Mentors Without Borders is doing is a good cause and I want to contribute with what I can so that together we can achieve the organization’s goals. I may not have the time but I may have the resources to do that.

MWB is a group of passionate professionals who are helping underprivileged young people become passionate professionals themselves because we know that this is the best way for them to stay out of poverty forever and also to create products and services for the benefit of us all.

In order to achieve our purpose, we help our students set clear goals and we encourage them to run a very simple mental process on a regular basis: think about the moment in the future when they will achieve those goals and then think about the steps needed to get there. In this way they will be able to generate a continuous stream of ideas, energy and confidence channelled towards their goals and when they act according to the ideas that they are coming up with gradually, they are getting closer and closer to those goals. Along the way the only real obstacles are represented by the various negative states that they will encounter such as anger, frustration, discouragement, worry, stress, etc. and it's very important to relax efficiently in those moments because a very pleasant relaxed state will allow them to continue their journey much more efficiently and joyfully.

The very simple and extremely powerful concepts mentioned above are being introduced in various voluntary organizations from all over the world and Educate! Uganda has recently decided to make them part of the curriculum that all of their students are following. Our mentors are working on making the same thing happen in as many other voluntary organizations as they can, with a special focus on very large organizations such as Save the Children, BRAC, CARE International, Plan International, SOS Children’s Villages and others.

Apart from the above mentioned training, which helps our students develop and maintain a true, long-lasting passion and drive for pursuing and achieving their goals, our mentors are also sharing knowledge from their own areas of expertise with the students who have an interest in it. In this way, we are accelerating the learning progress of those who want to become programmers, graphic designers, business people, lawyers, etc.

By growing faster we can significantly contribute to ending extreme poverty worldwide so we invite professionals from all fields to join us and companies from all over the world to support us in our mission.

Dr. Isaac Govind AndyDr. Isaac Govind Andy