Dr. Isaac G. Andy 'Name in Science Project Oxford UK' online Awards Ceremony : March, 25

Dr. Isaac G. Andy 'Name in Science Project Oxford UK' online Awards Ceremony : March, 25   From:  Online Achievements Forum 2022 Oxford UK Date:  28 January 2022 at 7:19:05 PM MYT To:  "Dr Isaac G. Andy" Subject:   attn. Dr Isaac G. Andy : Name in Science Project Oxford UK : online Awards Ceremony : March, 25 Dear Dr Isaac G. Andy , On behalf of the Academic Union Oxford – the prestigious multicultural academic community of professionals, researchers, practitioners, inventors, let me express my appreciation to you personally and your successful dynamically developing company. The Academic Union is an international academic association of over 200 University Chancellors, Scientists and Researchers. The Academic Union Oxford Council supported by EBA has nominated you to receive the title ' The Name in Science ' and the personal medal. The brand is protected by the English law and is registered by the British Intellectual Property Bureau (Registration #2563774).

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