Check out my #NFT listing on #OpenSeaNFT ! via @opensea @IzndgroupNft

Check out my #NFT listing on @OpenSea! via Opensea

Attending @globalcompact #UnitingBusiness

Supporting humanitarian scientific research is important to me. That's why I donated 45 days of my computer's processing time to Mapping Cancer Markers through @WCGrid and earned a Silver badge. Join me!

Great job iZND Group Sdn Bhd!!

For those that have been using your smart assistant

Help Stop COVID-19 and Future Pandemics in Their Tracks The #OpenPandemics

Using my Samsung to do Computing for Science.

Found my old Gear VR, tried it...

Dr Isaac Andy & iZND Group Receipient of 2020 Global Excellence Award

#Stay Safe | Hi all, hope all you guys are still sane in one piece.