For aspiration to achieve high quality in accordance with European standards.

Excellence in Quality prize outlines companies’ achievements and guides partners and customers. A higher business profile and an enhanced reputation which could ultimately lead to continued business success.

It is given to prominent regional companies that can demonstrate excellence in their management of quality and that their approach to total quality management has contributed to the satisfaction of customers, employees, and other stakeholders. 

Award nominees are carefully selected by our professional research team. Winners are determined though our ratings research, which includes media, social network, internet, news and open statistic data analysis and the recommendations of authorities, social organizations, institutions, chambers of commerce, branch associations and unions, educational institutions and the experts survey. 

• Implementation of modern quality management systems.
• Strong position at the national market.
• International relations development, participation in conferences, exhibitions, fairs and important regional projects

• National, regional, and international certificates, leniencies, patents and branch specifications including international quality systems.
• Focus on customer and positive customer opinions.
• Competitiveness and quality of goods/services, updating of ranges offered.
• Investment rating and attractiveness

The Award winners get access to powerful marketing, PR and advertising tools:
• The impressive trophy made of precious metals is an exclusive work of art.
• The Award brand is protected by British law and is registered by the British Intellectual property office. The Award winner receives license to use the Award brand for public relations and marketing purposes; the right to use the logo, Award image and certificate on their website, in emails, publishing and other advertising materials, including letterheads and brochures.
• The Award is presented within the prestigious international Achievements forum in the presence of regional business and the cultural, scientific and education elite.
• The Awards ceremony follows British ceremonial tradition. The Master of ceremonies is Mr Peter Thompson, president of The British Association of Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremony.
• There will be a live broadcast on the official YouTube channel for the participants of the summit and the ceremony, thanks to which your team, partners, colleagues and relatives will have an opportunity to share with you this unforgettable event.
• Exclusive professional photo and video materials of Award presentation are recorded while accepting the Award on stage, and are offered as promotional materials. These would be taken by our official photography and videographer teams.

It’s an excellent way of building on your company’s image, gaining more business successes and widening your market.

Dr Isaac Andy, CEO of iZND Group, Recipient of the European Quality Awards by Achievements Forum 2020